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Holly B. Hunt

Born a Southern Belle, I'm a Floridian at heart, obsessed with sunshine, ocean, and adventure. From my experiences as a woman / entrepreneur, I hope to inspire, motivate, and spread positive vibes.

So if you are in to that, stay tuned! 


Top Lessons I've Learned


Be Kind.


It costs nothing.

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Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt

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Attention to Intention: Rising Above Resentment

During this episode you'll hear us unpack:

  • Power of rituals & the rituals that you have that you may not even realize

  • Resentment & how it sneaks up in our lives & how to rise up above it

  • The gift of vulnerability & the breeding ground of connection that stems from it 

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We always hear "Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life."   Okay, but how do I get paid to sit on the beach drinking margaritas?! LOL!  But seriously, how do you determine what type of work you love, what strengths you have, and how to maximize them to bring your best self to work and life each and every day?  This book gives some good tips and ideas on how to do just that....

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