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It's the little things....

And so we start another week in quarantine….

The only way I know the date, is because it is Monday and I am back to work today. I am thankful for the structure of the day to be honest. It gives me purpose and something to keep my mind busy. Now don't get me wrong, Tiger King certainly kept my attention, but as someone who doesn't watch a lot of TV, I needed a break from the binge.

I also found myself doing a lot of social media scrolling the past few days. Yes, the fearless key board warriors are still out there fighting with strangers about anything and everything. People are yelling at people to stay home. People are responding back to mind your own business. I mean because people usually change their behaviors based on someone else's Facebook post, right? *insert face palm emoji* We see how well that works with politics. It just irritates, frustrates, and deepens the divide.

But I noticed something else…. A lot more positive posts. People appreciating simple things. Slowing down. Nature responding positively.

Also, people doing really nice and generous things for their neighbors and complete strangers. Yes, I have seen it before, but I feel like I am seeing more of it. And honestly, regardless of how much money you have in the bank or how much privilege you have, COVID-19 doesn't care. And most of us know and realize it. The majority are cycling through moments of being scared, worried, and anxious.

And we are bonding together over this fear and uncertainty.

Some of the highlights I have seen or experienced….

My sweet nieces Facetime me daily (sometimes twice a day!) because they want to chat. This used to be weekly or maybe every 10 days or so. Because well, we are busy. My niece even called the other day and as I answered she looked at her mom and said "she's not busy!" and smiled.

I have had a Zoom video call with my immediate family (we are spread out over three states) every weekend. So fun to all connect live.

A guy in a group I am in on Facebook offered up $750 worth of groceries to neighbors on Nextdoor. You just had to message him with the need and the address of the person. He documented all of this with pictures and stories of the people he delivered to. So cool to follow.

I have seen several kids that have had birthdays during this time have neighbors and friends create parades on their street to honor them and send their birthday wishes - all while practicing social distancing. The kid's reactions are priceless.

My friend who lives on the bay in Miami has seen more dolphins and manatees in the water.

Another friend posted a large flock of pelicans flying over the beach. This is apparently a rare sighting to see so many at once.

Several companies and small businesses halting normal operations to make masks for healthcare workers.

People supporting their local restaurants and leaving large tips for the workers on their to-go orders.

Virtual happy hours have to be my favorite. What's not to LOVE about smiles, laugh, and booze?! This is giving me LIFE on those long days.

I am sure that you have seen similar stories as well. At least I hope you have.

Filter through the negative and look for the positive. I promise you - it's there. And it's growing.

I challenge you (yes, you!) to contribute to the positive. If we all do it, think of the difference we can make. Thanking a cashier in the grocery store for coming to work, leaving a larger than normal tip when you pick up your to-go order, send an encouraging text, organize a virtual happy hour.... the list goes on of the opportunities that YOU can make a difference!

And as Margaret Mead said,

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

So join me. Let's change the world. One random act of kindness at a time. <3


Holly B.


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