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Making the most of the Quarantine - #1

Quarantine. Virus. Pandemic. Global Crisis.

The words alone are enough to invoke fear in even the strongest minded of people.

When it becomes a reality, it can be terrifying.

So what do you do? How do you cope? How can you turn a scary, anxiety-ridden situation into a positive one?

Keep reading, I have some ideas…

First, see the previous blog post on Gratitude. Mindset is everything! A positive mindset can make you think you can move mountains, and a bad one can literally destroy you. It is so important to start and end your day in a state of gratitude. What good happened today? What do you have to look forward to? Even in the struggles, there is still a lot of good out there; you just have to look for it and recognize it.

And while social media can keep us entertained and connected, it can also be draining. I encourage you to find something that is mentally stimulating. Look for an opportunity to learn something new, grow, develop. Walk out of this quarantine with a new skill, new side hustle, new ideas.

To expand on my previous blog, here are some additional things to add to your gratitude journal or your daily to-do list (yes, you should create one to establish a daily routine.)

  • Increase the 1 person to contact each day to 3 people. Check on people who live alone, the elderly, healthcare workers - everyone! We are all dealing with this situation differently, but we would all like to hear that someone is thinking about us and cares. Who doesn't like to receive a hand-written card from someone who is thinking about them?! Or a call. Or even a quick text. Trust me - it can turn someone's day around.

  • Set a goal to learn something new - maybe you have always wanted to speak a different language, start a blog, get past chapter 1 in that book sitting on your bookshelf. Carpe diem! Pull out that to-do list you started (you started it, right?) and schedule time to work on this goal each day.

  • Spring Cleaning - Yes, I went there. I know that most people don't look forward to this, but look on the bright side - you do have the time now. And after all, it IS Spring :). Again, pull out the list you started and write down all of the projects you want to tackle, and then start prioritizing.

  • Find a blog or podcast to follow for positive reinforcement - You will need to keep filling your mind with inspiration and positive ideas these next few weeks. There are a lot of people out there spreading positive vibes and inspiration through blogs, podcast, and social media. Don't get sucked into the negativity! Find something positive to follow so you can stay healthy mentally.

Check back again soon for more helpful tips to make the most of the quarantine!


Holly B.


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