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Thursday Talks with Holly B. Hunt

Anytime I get the chance to inspire, motivate, and empower a group of people, I jump at the opportunity! I was thrilled to be asked to speak to the Women's Network at Comcast on their Thursday Talks speaker series last week.

Over 300 people joined the call to hear me speak about my career journey, what motivates me, career advice, and how I maintain a positive mindset, among other things. Someone commented in the chat "Holly is throwing out gems today!" And I decided that I would share those "gems" with my larger network. Below are some of the pieces of advice a.k.a. gems that I shared on the call:

+ Discover and define your purpose. Mine is to have a positive impact on the people I come in contact with and the world around me. A good way to figure out your purpose is to ask yourself these questions, "What do you want to be known for? What legacy do you want to leave behind?"

+ Fortune favors the BOLD!

+ Create an "advisory board" of people you trust and admire to bounce ideas off of when you are struggling with making a decision on your next move. Bonus points for the more diverse the group of people are.

You will gain many different perspectives!

+ Raise your hand and ask for a seat at the table. And if you decide it isn't where you want to be or you aren't appreciated, don't be afraid to walk away from that table and find a new one, or build your own.

+Stretch yourself and live outside of your comfort zone. Yes, it can be scary, but also very rewarding and exciting!

+ Be steadfast in pursuing your goals, but flexible in the journey to get there.

+ Don't wait for the perfect moment to start something. Start TODAY and make adjustments and improvements along the way. (P.S. the timing will never be perfect)

Check out the full video for more gems and I hope you feel a little more inspired, motivated, and empowered after watching it. :)


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